Meet Goldie the Sun Conure Parrot

Too many parrots and sun conures wind up in rescues, shelters, and are rehomed because of issues like screaming or biting. Education about the daily needs of pet store parrots is important to help enrich the lives of both parrots and their owners. Hopefully learning about Goldie’s life will bring knowledge to other sun conure owners and potential owners as well.


Welcome to my Sun Conure parrot blog, where I share my journey with other Sun Conure and would-be parrot owners on ways to keep their pet birds healthy and happy. Goldie’s owner is not an avian vet and is no substitute for professional advice from an avian vet. However I hope to share my experiences about parrot ownership and share what I have learned. Enjoy!

 sun conures are social birds

This beautiful parrot is an 11-year-old sun conure named Goldie. A sun conure is a small parrot that originates from South America. Sun conures are small colorful parrots often found for sale in pet stores. In the wild they are almost extinct as they have all been exported as pets. Sun conures, while beautiful birds, require a responsible and committed parrot owner. The birds need daily interaction and training as they are social and intelligent creatures. This website is about Goldie the sun conure parrot and her life with her owner. On this website you will find tips on parrot training, sun conure behavior, and sun conure care. There are also fun pictures and videos featuring Goldie the sun conure.


Goldie the sun conure was purchased at PetCo in 2003. She is a loud, loving, silly bird that loves to have her head scratched.  


Follow Goldie on her journey with her owner and learn tips on caring for your sun conure or other pet parrot.

 Click here for more videos!


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