Coffee Cup Problem

Sun Conures can be territorial

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Goldie my sun conure is still getting used to a new coffee cup that I got about a month ago. You see she has a thing about coffee cups. Sun conures can bite and my sun conure is territorial on ocassion.

Goldie has breakfast every morning at the table and has orange juice and maybe some yummy fruit and a bit of my cereal. Well my regular coffee cup broke. This was the cup that she loved to tap on and make music, and when I was done with my coffee she would climb on it and sit on the top of the cup and I would rub her head. She just loved that coffee cup.

The new coffee cup makes my sun conure mad. When it’s touched she lunges sometimes. Sometimes my parrot bites also. When I first get some coffee she will go over to the cup and tap and tap on it and hold her ear to the cup and listen to the sound it makes. It makes pretty music.

Then when I want some coffee for myself and try to pick up the cup she becomes angry and tries to bite. I have been bitten several times because of the new cup. My solution for now is to distract her. I have some music on my IPhone and play it for her while I drink my coffee. This seems to help for a few minutes anyway. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Row Row Row Your Boat”. I also leave the cup out so she will get used to seeing it. She did not have this problem with my old coffee cup. Change is difficult sometimes for pet birds.  Training to correct pet bird problems can be difficult and requires patience.  

If you have any suggestions or similar experiences with your sun conure, please feel free to share.

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