Sun Conures: Common questions I get about Goldie the Sun Conure

When people see my sun conure they usually have questions. When people see Goldie my Sun Conure they usually have questions. These are some of the most common questions that I get.

Does your Sun Conure talk?

Sun Conures are not known for their talking ability, but can learn to say a few words. Goldie only says a few words such as “No” and “Good” and “More”. I really don’t recommend you get a parrot if all you want is one that talks. They are so complicated, smart, and endearing besides the talking aspect anyways.

Does she bite?

Yes my conure does bit on occasion. This is not always a personal thing. It may be that she doesn’t like what you are doing, what you are touching (the phone for example), or that she is hungry or thirsty.

Where do Sun Conures come from?

Sun Conures are native to South America though unfortunately there are not that many of them left in the wild.

Does she eat seed?

Too much seed is actually not good for parrots of Goldie’s size because the birds tend to gravitate to the sunflower seeds and leave the other mixture. Sunflower seeds are high in fat. Variety is helpful to some extent but a good pellet diet should be the main staple.

How do you know she is a girl?

Goldie was DNA tested before I purchased her.

Are Sun Conures really that loud?

Yes they can be very loud. However they are not as loud as some of the larger parrots. That being said Sun Conures can be very noisy and if not trained and cared for can scream a great deal. A Sun Conure that screams all the time has a problem though that should be looked into. Goldie will yell several times during the day and most of this is just her calling for me because she knows I am home and wants to know what I am doing. She has learned that by calling me this way she will not get me to come and let her out of her cage, so the yelling is much much less than when she was younger.

I have found from talking to various people that some people are not bothered by the normal yell of the Sun Conure and by normal I mean just yelling several times a day and not all of the time. On the other hand some people are very bothered by the yelling. If you personally are bothered by loud noises then don’t get a parrot. Go to a bird rescue first and hear for yourself in person the noise and decide for yourself.

How do you keep Goldie from being loud and screaming?

Music, playtime, treats, chew toys, full spectrum light, a balanced diet, regular baths, kisses, positive reinforcement, plenty of sleep, lots of interaction, and lots of patience: not necessarily in that order.

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