Why are so many sun conures being rehomed?

Sun conures are often rehomed because they are loud

Sun conures are often rehomed because they are loud


Everyday in internet classified ads there are numerous offers to rehome sun conures and many bird rescues today are filled to capacity with unwanted parrots. According to Kaytee Products Inc. very revealing Parrot Relinquishment Survey conducted last year,  conures are rehomed most often because of noisiness and the next most common cause for rehoming is biting and aggression.

While conures and especially sun conures are noisy, the behavior can be dealt with. Most often the source of the excess noise can be traced to an owners lack of knowledge about caring for the pet bird and a general lack of socialization in the sun conure’s weaning stage and post weaning stage.

That being said not long ago someone told me that they threw a sun conure out the window because they got tired of all the noise that it made. The sun conure being the smart little parrot it is came back home on its own. It was really the sun conure that was training the owner and not the other way around probably.

Biting and aggression have similar root causes often times leaving parrot and owner at odds as to how to interact. Many parrot owners don’t know how to deal with these problem behaviors and may think that they just have a bad bird and give up. These behaviors can be controlled and reduced with proper training and interaction with the parrot, but it can take time. Bad habits form and set in and both parrot and owner need to relearn new patterns and build a relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

Another striking result of the survey was that people rehome their conures because of lack of time. This is amazing when I think of the fact that Goldie my sun conure likes nothing more that to ride around my shoulder while I am doing chores or sitting with me while I am watching television. It’s really the cage cleaning and mess cleanups that take time, but those chores can be coped with much easier with preparation and planning.

Some people find parrots boring, expensive, and messy, but most of these opinions originate from ignorance of just how parrots act. Parrots however are not a good pet for everyone. They are like perennial two year olds after all, and their sometimes feisty inexplicable behaviors don’t amuse everyone.

Sun conures nonetheless possess eager to please personalities along with a strong rebellious streak which makes their personality quirks endearing and challenging at the same time. The thought of these vibrant and spirited birds being continually rehomed is dreary indeed. Proper education from the beginning, whether it’s from a breeder or a pet store is really the key to preventing rehoming of parrots.

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