Keeping your sun conure busy

So you are at work, you want to take a nap, or you just want some alone time, but your sun conure wants to be with you all of the time. Well it’s important to have an arsenal of things for your sun conure to do to keep them busy and keep them quiet too. […]

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A trip to the avian veterinarian

Once a year as a preventive measure it’s a good idea to visit the avian veterinarian to get a check up for your bird or parrot. Goldie the sun conure had her yearly checkup recently and had a bit of fun on the 10-mile journey to the animal hospital. Goldie was placed in her travel […]

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Sleeping with your parrot: Why I don’t recommend it

I have run across several people recently that sleep in the same bed as their parrots at night. I was at a small local pet store not long ago when I stopped to talk to a lady with a beautiful sun conure and she freely told me that she slept with her sun conure every […]

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