My sun conure is flighted but does not fly free outside

It would be glamorous to show off my beautiful flighted sun conure parrot outside in public by letting her free flight outside. I could have people come up to me in awe of her and be the center of attention. Recently however, I have noticed that some well known YouTube sun conures have gone over […]

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Bonding with your sun conure

I get asked often how I am able to pet and cuddle with my sun conure so much. Goldie my sun conure lets me tickle her belly, rub her head, and hold her in my hand. She also snuggles under my neck and falls asleep on my lap. She does all of these things with […]

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Sun conure beauty in the wild: One of nature’s miracles

Living in Southern California sometimes you can hear a sudden screech and squawk overhead and witness a flock of wild parrots fly by. When I see them I wonder what it must have looked like to see a flock of sun conures in the rain forest.¬†Imagine what a beautiful¬†sight it must be. The video that […]

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