My Sun Conure prefers music to her toys

My Sun Conure parrot enjoys all kinds of music. Whether it’s gospel, country, rock, Christmas music, or toddler tunes she is amused by all of it. Some kind of music is on for her entertainment almost all day long every day. I think that my sun conure prefers music to her toys even. Probably Goldie […]

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Pet Store or Bird Breeder: Where should you purchase a parrot at?

So you want to purchase a sun conure parrot and don’t know if you want to buy one at a pet store or from a breeder. Pet stores and breeders can produce both good and bad experiences when purchasing a parrot. How can you tell the difference before purchasing a parrot? At a pet store […]

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Sun Conures need sleep just like people do

My Sun Conure typically gets around 12 hours of sleep a day. She also typically takes an hour nap during the day also. Sleep is really beneficial to parrots both mentally and physically; just like it is for people. Plus I find that my conure is easier to deal with in addition to being a friend and […]

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