Sun Conure love letter

  To my Dear Goldie: It is true that I love you very much and I know that you love me. Your Sun Conure love for me is not unconditional though, as there are countless times when you are in a crabby mood and you decide to poke me. Or sometimes you don’t like what […]

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Sun Conure DNA Testing to find sex of your pet bird

Every once is a while I run across someone that doesn’t know the sex of their Sun Conure and are completely surprised to find that the pet bird that they thought was a he has laid an egg. The easiest way to verify sex of your bird is through parrot DNA Testing.  Since it is difficult […]

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Pet Birds versus Dogs: Which are better pets?

I nearly got into a Facebook argument with someone that does not understand the allure of owing a pet bird and is strongly for owning only dogs as pets. Some people are still of the belief that birds are well just pooping machines that are more of a commodity or a meal than a pet. […]

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