Parrot biting usually is a learned behavior

I will be honest. Goldie my Sun Conure does bite once in a while. Fortunately most of the bites are not full forced and don’t hurt that much. Parrots use their beaks to explore and communicate but parrot biting usually is a learned behavior. How do you stop parrot and Sun Conure biting? Well first […]

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Before Rehoming Your Sun Conure …

You saw the colorful Sun Conure at the pet store and just had to have it. Through the plastic glass the parrot appeared friendly, pretty, and fun to have. When you got it home the problems began. You didn’t realize the expense of owning a Sun Conure. You didn’t realize a Sun Conure would bite. […]

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My Sun Conure and my Cats

Goldie my Sun Conure does not like my two cats and for the most part the cats are rather ambivalent about her. Goldie is jealous of when I pet the cats and will lunge at the cat when petting it or even talking to the cat. The cat runs in post haste if it sees […]

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