Three things that surprised me about my Sun Conure Goldie

When I first bought Goldie I did not have a clue about sun conure behavior. When she first made a noise, I thought something had to be wrong with this parrot. When she bit me, I thought she was just a mean parrot. When she yelled because she wanted to be with me all the […]

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Birds of a feather: Variation in Sun Conure Parrot feather color

Parrots are a very diverse species with so many colorful feather variations. You can even notice a variation in Sun Conure Parrot feather color. Many people have told me recently that my Sun Conure Goldie seems to have a more reddish tone to her feathers. She indeed has gotten more orange in the last several […]

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Planning how to keep Goldie the sun conure warm this winter

It is finally starting to get cold where Goldie the sun conure lives, so it is time to start planning to take care of my conure  and keep her warm at night especially since Goldie’s owner does not like to keep the heater on at night. Planning to keep a pet parrot warm in the winter time […]

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