Sun conures need a good night’s sleep

Parrots need a good nights sleep just like people do. If Goldie the sun conure does not get enough sleep she is more nippy and grouchy during the day. She will scream more than usually and just be an unhappy parrot.  Happily most of the time Goldie has no problem getting a good nights sleep. […]

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Should you let your sun conure sit on your shoulder?

You hear the warning often. Don’t let your parrot sit on your shoulder. Why? Well a parrot can bite that’s why. At anytime they can decide to poke you in the face, or bite you on the nose or ear. The parrot is also high up which can give it a feeling of superiority and dominance. Well […]

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Potty training your Sun Conure

Sun conures are actually pretty easy to potty train. I have run into several people that just can’t believe that this is possible. After the sun conure is trained they will have an accident on occasion but my sun conure is pretty good about minding her manners. I found that before I knew it, my […]

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