Should you clip your sun conure’s wings?

People often ask about wing clipping pet parrots and whether or not to do it. My sun conure Goldie does not have her wings clipped. She flies freely when she is out of the cage which is at least several hours a day.  When she was around 2-years-old, she started flying around, back and forth, […]

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Sun conures love to poke holes in things

I had to give Goldie my sun conure one of my t-shirts today. This pretty pink tank top was one of my favorites but as you can see my sun conure has poked many holes in it. Somehow it just happens. She is sitting on my shoulder one minute and then the next she is […]

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My Sun Conure parrot loves my coffee cup

Goldie sitting my her or really it’s my coffee cup. I am still hoping that she will get used to it. As it stands she is still attacking it. She also attacks anyone that touches it. In the meantime I have to use another cup that I do not like as well. I leave the […]

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