Should you get another parrot to keep your sun conure company?

So you think your sun conure is lonely and you are thinking of getting another parrot to keep them company. Should you really get another parrot or is it a bad idea? First of all you should rethink your relationship with your sun conure. Are you spending enough quality time with them? Quality time including […]

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Exotic Bird Registry Program

American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) Why Register Your Bird? Every year hundreds of pet birds are accidentally lost. Some are never recovered simply because the finder cannot identify who owns the bird. Birds registered in the AFA Exotic Bird Registry will be easily identified making contact and recovery easier. Birds that are stolen can be […]

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Ten common questions about sun conures asked by people who don’t have a sun conure

I often go to bird stores, pet stores and the like and encounter people looking at the pet store birds that know nothing about parrots and pet store conures. These people are always struck by the beautiful colors and the exotic nature of the sun conure. However these same people often ask me questions that […]

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