Parrot illness and injury prevention is much easier than finding a cure

It’s so much easier to prevent illness and injury in a parrot than it to fix and cure it. Birds hide illness well. Vet bills can be terribly expensive. Injury can happen so fast. While you can’t prevent everything, there are things that you can do and that will help prevent harm to your parrots.    […]

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Tips to minimize sun conure cage aggression biting

Sun conure cage aggression and biting happen when you put your hand inside the cage and the bird bites or when you come near the cage and the bird lunges. The bird is basically protecting its nest or roosting place from an intruder-you. This is a normal instinct allowed to go too far. The bird […]

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What works for Goldie the sun conure to prevent biting

Let’s face it sun conures do bite and when they bite they bite hard and it really hurts. I can’t tell you how many times over the years that Goldie has bit me so hard that I had to pull her off of me. She has been known to draw blood, poke in the face, […]

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