What do you line the bird cages with?

This parrot owner used to get the Los Angeles Times four days a week delivered. The newspaper is good reading and it happens to be a good bird cage liner too. However with a busy schedule, this parrot owner found that there often wasn’t enough time to read the newspaper, but still the paper was […]

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Parrots were a mystery to me

I knew nothing about parrots when my sun conure Goldie first came into my life. Parrots were a complete mystery to me. The pet store where I bought her didn’t tell me anything either-they just gave me one piece of paper-a care sheet. It seemed in retrospect that they were happy to get rid of […]

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Are female sun conures quieter than male sun conures?

Recently an article on BirdChannel.com expressed an opinion that in general female sun conures are quieter than male sun conures. I have to counter that opinion somewhat about female sun conures being quieter however. With my sun conure it depends on the time of day, time of year, and just so many other factors on […]

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