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Dating when you have a parrot

It’s not always easy being single. It is especially not easy being single and loving birds. Some men think it’s weird to have an interest in parrots. Some men think it’s cute at first, but are not comfortable with birds and don’t understand them or why you might be interested in them at all. Dating […]

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Naming your sun conure

Goldie my sun conure had another name when she was for sale at the pet store at the tender age of 3 months. Some pet stores give the animals for sale names-it makes them seem more enticing to potential buyers. I can’t remember that name unfortunately. It was my mother that choose the name that […]

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How my sun conure has changed my use of various products

Since having Goldie and her housemates the parrotlets and finches, more and more of my life revolves around natural type products. Natural products are both good for me and will not harm my birds either. I used to use furniture polish, disinfectant spray, all kinds of bathroom cleaners, and hair spray. Over time I realized […]

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