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Goldie the sun conure: Reflections on 2011

As Goldie the sun conure heads into 2012, her owner reflects on subtle changes that have occurred throughout the prior year. Goldie is happier, better behaved, and so affectionate at the years end, but it has taken effort and insight. Over the course of the year Goldie has become somewhat quieter. She does yell when […]

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Are you a crazy bird lady?

Having just seen the movie “Jack and Jill,” I was struck by the subtle stereotype in the movie of the crazy bird lady. A crazy bird lady is maybe homely, somewhat anti-social, and single. In the movie, Jill who is single, homely, and behaves oddly, has a cockatoo that is her best friend. She sleeps […]

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Sun conure beauty in the wild: One of nature’s miracles

Living in Southern California sometimes you can hear a sudden screech and squawk overhead and witness a flock of wild parrots fly by. When I see them I wonder what it must have looked like to see a flock of sun conures in the rain forest. Imagine what a beautiful sight it must be. The video that […]

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