Sun conure behavior

The Unique Sun Conures Personality

Goldie the sun conure has her own special personality that is multifaceted. It’s hard to explain to people that don’t have birds about such a complex personality. They think oh it’s just a bird. However Goldie is a loving, loyal friend, and can show great fear, anger, and determination too. Goldie is a watchdog. If […]

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How Goldie the sun conure has dealt with loss

Goldie’s grandma passed away at the beginning of the year. That is of course the mother of Goldie’s owner. Goldie was very fond of her grandmum and vice versa. It has been an adjustment for her and her owner. Goldie really loved her grandmum. She would kiss her and rub her beak against her shoulder. […]

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Behavioural Problems in Companion parrots

The opinions of the guest post author are not necessarily the opinions of, but are welcomed nonetheless as a contribution to the overall open discussion and education of all parrot owners and interested parties. Comments are welcomed. (Guest post) by Greg Glendell From an article published as “Who’s a Naughty Parrot Then?” in Veterinary Times, […]

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