Sun conure behavior

Sun Conures are Intelligent

Sun Conures  are said to have the intelligence of a 2-year-old. These small but smart pet parrots can understand words in context. Sun Conures also have a keen awareness of their environment and remember things with detail. Additionally the silly and social Sun Conure has a sense of humor when it comes to daily life. As […]

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A question about NOISE

Originally posted Via I was given a sun conure for my birthday last year because the person who gave him to me knew I *really* wanted a bird. I no longer have this bird (I say this with shame, as I hate to give up an animal), because I could absolutely not tolerate the […]

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Three things that surprised me about my Sun Conure Goldie

When I first bought Goldie I did not have a clue about sun conure behavior. When she first made a noise, I thought something had to be wrong with this parrot. When she bit me, I thought she was just a mean parrot. When she yelled because she wanted to be with me all the […]

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