Sun conure behavior

Are female sun conures quieter than male sun conures?

Recently an article on expressed an opinion that in general female sun conures are quieter than male sun conures. I have to counter that opinion somewhat about female sun conures being quieter however. With my sun conure it depends on the time of day, time of year, and just so many other factors on […]

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Keeping your sun conure busy

So you are at work, you want to take a nap, or you just want some alone time, but your sun conure wants to be with you all of the time. Well it’s important to have an arsenal of things for your sun conure to do to keep them busy and keep them quiet too. […]

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Bonding with your sun conure

I get asked often how I am able to pet and cuddle with my sun conure so much. Goldie my sun conure lets me tickle her belly, rub her head, and hold her in my hand. She also snuggles under my neck and falls asleep on my lap. She does all of these things with […]

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