Sun conure behavior

Macaw heartbroken over losing a sun conure friend

I recently heard a first hand account from a women that had rescued a sun conure from a home of a friend of a friend because the people had it in a cage with a dog barking at it all of the time. The conure was unsocialized and was traumatized by the barking dog. The […]

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Distract parrots away from bad behavior to create positive behavior

A parrot is a very intelligent creature that was built to live in the wild. As a result they learn patterned behavior quickly and can easily form bad habits that way. Negative behaviors however can be turned into positive situations by distracting the parrot away from a bad behavior by doing something good or fun. […]

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My sun conure’s bad habit

Maybe it’s just me but I can take the occasional sun conureĀ yelling and food slinging, however there is one thing that she does on occasion that does get on my nerves I admit. Goldie loves to every once in a while to go down my shirt and try to poke holes in my clothes. Most […]

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