Sun conure behavior

Quiet is not normal for parrots

Parrots native habitat in the wild jungle is a noisy place, with birds chirping and squawking, and insects buzzing. Regular and consistent noise in the jungle is reassuring to parrots that life is progressing normally, and all is well in the surroundings and with the rest of the flock. When there is no noise in […]

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What is my sun conure looking at?

  It happens almost everyday while Goldie my sun conure and I are sitting at the breakfast table near a large floor to ceiling window. I catch her looking out the window with her eyes glued to the sky and her ear leaning slightly to the window. I look to see what she is looking […]

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Sun conures are not the pet for everyone

  Dear Goldie’s Owner, Circumstances beyond my control have required me to co-exist with a sun conure for the past year. Anyone who describes this beastly creature as a happy, fun little bird is either deaf or delusional, probably both. They are ULTRA-LOUD, self-centered and filthy little bastards. Oh, and I forgot excessively MEAN, aggressive […]

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