Sun conure care

A Bird Emergency First Aid Kit- Why it is so important

It all started when I let my Pacific parrotlet out to play, normally he is a good bird and stays in his play area. However for whatever reason he decided he was going to see what the others were doing. No sooner than he did that when I heard lots of fussing and chirping. I […]

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Grooming your parrot a few feathers at a time

Grooming or preening is a daily part of a parrot’s life. Feathers are lost and new ones grown in their place. Pin feathers are blood feathers that replace lost feathers from regular molting. As the feathers grow they form a white waxy coating that can be pointy and hard that needs to be carefully removed […]

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Goldie the sun conure loves the Santa Ana wind swept sky

Goldie the sun conure lives in sunny California. Occasionally when the famous Santa Ana winds pick up the humidly level can drop to almost nothing. The dry air makes Goldie’s owner slightly uncomfortable so I can imagine it is the same for Goldie. Air quality and humidity levels are important because birds have a more […]

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