Sun conure care

A question about NOISE

Originally posted Via I was given a sun conure for my birthday last year because the person who gave him to me knew I *really* wanted a bird. I no longer have this bird (I say this with shame, as I hate to give up an animal), because I could absolutely not tolerate the […]

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Bird Safe Bug Spray

I have had a problem recently with both black ants and red ants in the house. Since I have pet birds I am extremely careful about what I use around the house as I know that birds have sensitive respiratory systems and most bug sprays are out of the question as they are not bird […]

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Planning how to keep Goldie the sun conure warm this winter

It is finally starting to get cold where Goldie the sun conure lives, so it is time to start planning to take care of my conure  and keep her warm at night especially since Goldie’s owner does not like to keep the heater on at night. Planning to keep a pet parrot warm in the winter time […]

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