Sun conure diet

My sun conure was converted to pellets cold turkey

When I purchased my sun conure Goldie in 2003 she was eating a mixed seed diet. While eating a mixed seed diet is not as bad as an all seed diet, Goldie would pick out only the sunflower seeds and leave the rest. Often she would even toss the rest of the food, mostly pellets, […]

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My sun conure loves to eat quinoa

Up until about two years ago I was not familiar at all with quinoa. Many people aren’t familiar with it either and think that it is some sort of exotic foreign food when it has been around for thousands of years and is an American all be it South American crop. I wanted to vary […]

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My sun conure likes people food sometimes

Goldie my very social sun conure eats her dinner meal at the table with her owner. She has her own dish and a glass for apple juice at the table even. Frequently Goldie shows an interest in people food, but not all people food is good for parrots. In the hit animated movie Rio, that […]

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