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Sun Conures: Common questions I get about Goldie the Sun Conure

When people see Goldie my Sun Conure they usually have questions. These are some of the most common questions that I get. Does your Sun Conure talk? Sun Conures are not known for their talking ability, but can learn to say a few words. Goldie only says a few words such as “No” and “Good” […]

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My Sun Conure loves almonds

Image via Wikipedia My Sun Conure loves almonds. I generally give her an almond almost every day. Almonds have an excellent source of calcium, vitamin E, healthy antioxidants, and protein. Most parrots just love almonds. However it pays to be aware of some facts before you give your parrot or Sun Conure almonds. Almost all […]

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My Sun Conure can now have her seeds sprouted

I have heard so much about sprouting for pet birds and the wonderful benefits, so I decided to give sprouting a try. Goldie my Sun Conure parrot loves seeds unfortunately, as her avian vet says that she shouldn’t have more than 20% regular seed in her diet. However since sprouting is so good nutritionally for […]

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