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Goldie the sun conure loves the Santa Ana wind swept sky

Goldie the sun conure lives in sunny California. Occasionally when the famous Santa Ana winds pick up the humidly level can drop to almost nothing. The dry air makes Goldie’s owner slightly uncomfortable so I can imagine it is the same for Goldie. Air quality and humidity levels are important because birds have a more […]

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Parrot illness and injury prevention is much easier than finding a cure

It’s so much easier to prevent illness and injury in a parrot than it to fix and cure it. Birds hide illness well. Vet bills can be terribly expensive. Injury can happen so fast. While you can’t prevent everything, there are things that you can do and that will help prevent harm to your parrots.    […]

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A trip to the avian veterinarian

Once a year as a preventive measure it’s a good idea to visit the avian veterinarian to get a check up for your bird or parrot. Goldie the sun conure had her yearly checkup recently and had a bit of fun on the 10-mile journey to the animal hospital. Goldie was placed in her travel […]

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