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My Sun Conure and my Cats

Goldie my Sun Conure does not like my two cats and for the most part the cats are rather ambivalent about her. Goldie is jealous of when I pet the cats and will lunge at the cat when petting it or even talking to the cat. The cat runs in post haste if it sees […]

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Parrots enjoy chamomile tea

It started with Goldie’s owner drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea on a cold rainy day. Chamomile tea is relaxing to drink and has many benefits for people such as helping the immune system and soothing the stomach. Parrots enjoy chamomile tea too. Goldie the Sun Conure was with her owner as usual at the table. […]

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Sun Conures and parrots benefit from full spectrum lighting

Where Goldie lives there are many windows and plenty of natural light, but glass filters out beneficial UV spectrum that is important to parrots overall health and well being. For that reason Goldie has a lamp with a full spectrum bulb. After all Goldie is a Sun Conure and Sun Conures and parrots benefit from […]

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