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Goldie the sun conure laid another egg

  Yesterday Goldie the sun conure laid another egg. This egg is the third in the cycle and will more than likely be the last for a while. All the eggs are of course infertile. She came out of the cage and had some orange juice this morning and made a little grunt saying she […]

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Parrot egg laying: My Sun Conure laid an egg

Female pet birds will lay infertile eggs once in a while. Parrot egg laying comes in cycles and sometimes some parrot owners are surprised to find that their parrot has laid an egg after quite a long time when they thought the bird was male. Goldie my Sun Conure laid an egg a few days […]

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Bird Safe Bug Spray

I have had a problem recently with both black ants and red ants in the house. Since I have pet birds I am extremely careful about what I use around the house as I know that birds have sensitive respiratory systems and most bug sprays are out of the question as they are not bird […]

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