Sun conure safety

Parrot illness and injury prevention is much easier than finding a cure

It’s so much easier to prevent illness and injury in a parrot than it to fix and cure it. Birds hide illness well. Vet bills can be terribly expensive. Injury can happen so fast. While you can’t prevent everything, there are things that you can do and that will help prevent harm to your parrots.    […]

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How my sun conure has changed my use of various products

Since having Goldie and her housemates the parrotlets and finches, more and more of my life revolves around natural type products. Natural products are both good for me and will not harm my birds either. I used to use furniture polish, disinfectant spray, all kinds of bathroom cleaners, and hair spray. Over time I realized […]

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My sun conure is flighted but does not fly free outside

It would be glamorous to show off my beautiful flighted sun conure parrot outside in public by letting her free flight outside. I could have people come up to me in awe of her and be the center of attention. Recently however, I have noticed that some well known YouTube sun conures have gone over […]

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