Sun conure safety

Inspect pet bird toys and bedding frequently for safety problems

Our pet birds love their toys and happy hut beds. However it is important to remember to check bird toys and bedding on a regular basis to make sure the items are clean and in good condition. Bird toys and bedding that have even minor damage can become a safety issue.     Recently I was giving my parrotlet’s cage […]

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Bird friendly housecleaning tips

Spring cleaning time is here. Having a clean house is important for the health of your pet birds and for you as well. Using bird friendly cleaning ingredients is a must around birds because air fresheners and regular household cleaners may be harmful to bird’s sensitive respiratory systems. That is why I try to go […]

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Nail products are not pet bird friendly

Goldie’s owner is a female and like many women does enjoy her beauty products. However my Sun Conure and her health are my main priority. For instance Goldie’s owner likes to have nice long nails and many nail products that you buy at the store can be petroleum based or have other harsh, toxic chemicals […]

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