Sun conure safety

Sun Conure has a good time tearing things up

My Sun Conure has a good time tearing things up. Most parrots love to play. My Sun Conure can be heard laughing. I know she knows what she is doing as frequently she will toss the item on the floor. Some of mySun Conure‚Äôs favorite things to tear things up are: Bread-She tears it up […]

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My Sun Conure and my Cats

Goldie my Sun Conure does not like my two cats and for the most part the cats are rather ambivalent about her. Goldie is jealous of when I pet the cats and will lunge at the cat when petting it or even talking to the cat. The cat runs in post haste if it sees […]

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Bird Safe Bug Spray

I have had a problem recently with both black ants and red ants in the house. Since I have pet birds I am extremely careful about what I use around the house as I know that birds have sensitive respiratory systems and most bug sprays are out of the question as they are not bird […]

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