Sun conure screaming

What can you do when your parrot won’t stop screaming?

Maybe you yell “shut up” or maybe you get upset and come running to the bird, taking it out of the cage to quiet it down. Perhaps you have even tried covering the bird cage to get the bird to shut up, but none of these things seem to really help and the screaming is […]

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Home sound proofing tips for parrot owners

If you have a sun conure or any other kind of parrot you may notice that the sounds they make carry. In the wild sun conures and other species of parrots call to each other over vast distances so it’s no wonder the sound carries. As a pet in a home though, the calling sounds […]

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Macaw heartbroken over losing a sun conure friend

I recently heard a first hand account from a women that had rescued a sun conure from a home of a friend of a friend because the people had it in a cage with a dog barking at it all of the time. The conure was unsocialized and was traumatized by the barking dog. The […]

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