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Distract parrots away from bad behavior to create positive behavior

A parrot is a very intelligent creature that was built to live in the wild. As a result they learn patterned behavior quickly and can easily form bad habits that way. Negative behaviors however can be turned into positive situations by distracting the parrot away from a bad behavior by doing something good or fun. […]

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Why are so many sun conures being rehomed?

  Everyday in internet classified ads there are numerous offers to rehome sun conures and many bird rescues today are filled to capacity with unwanted parrots. According to Kaytee Products Inc. very revealing Parrot Relinquishment Survey conducted last year,  conures are rehomed most often because of noisiness and the next most common cause for rehoming […]

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Sun Conures: Common questions I get about Goldie the Sun Conure

When people see Goldie my Sun Conure they usually have questions. These are some of the most common questions that I get. Does your Sun Conure talk? Sun Conures are not known for their talking ability, but can learn to say a few words. Goldie only says a few words such as “No” and “Good” […]

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