Sun conure screaming

A question about NOISE

Originally posted Via I was given a sun conure for my birthday last year because the person who gave him to me knew I *really* wanted a bird. I no longer have this bird (I say this with shame, as I hate to give up an animal), because I could absolutely not tolerate the […]

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Three things that surprised me about my Sun Conure Goldie

When I first bought Goldie I did not have a clue about sun conure behavior. When she first made a noise, I thought something had to be wrong with this parrot. When she bit me, I thought she was just a mean parrot. When she yelled because she wanted to be with me all the […]

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Parrot noise problems can be managed

Pet birds and parrots are wild animals; they react differently than cats and dogs, which are much easier to train. Parrots will make lots of noise by making different sounds and by screaming and screeching. There is no changing the fact that normal parrot behavior means some amount of noise. So often a parrot owner’s […]

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