Found Nanday Conure in New York

Read the full story published in The Leader.

A small parrot made some conure news recently. A lost Nanday Conure was rescued by kind hearted bird lovers in Fredonia, NY, which is a short distance from Buffalo, at at the State University of New York Fredonia on Oct. 19. The conure was cold and probably hungry and but apparently weathered its adventure just fine. The rescuers nicknamed the Nanday Conure “Jack” and are looking for the parrot’s owner.

Nanday Conures are very similar to sun conures in that they are native to South America, but Nanday Conures are mostly green with a cap of black feathers on the top of their head. Nanday coures like sun conures can be noisy, and are very social parrots with great intelligence as well. There are many wild Nanday Conure flocks in Florida and some in the Los Angeles area as well.

Many parrots go missing this time of year as people are busy and have guests that leave doors and windows open. If your bird or parrot is unclipped be especially careful and aware of any open windows or doors this holiday season. It should also be noted that sometimes even clipped birds can reach heights enough to escape and become lost.

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