Sun conure beauty in the wild: One of nature’s miracles

Living in Southern California sometimes you can hear a sudden screech and squawk overhead and witness a flock of wild parrots fly by. When I see them I wonder what it must have looked like to see a flock of sun conures in the rain forest. Imagine what a beautiful sight it must be.

The video that follows chronicles the trip of Birding Adventures  James Currie on a trek looking for some of the few remaining sun conures in Guyana. Realizing that there are not many sun conures left in the wild is sad. The sun conure has been trapped almost to extinction so they we could have them as pets.

In the video Currie states that sun conures make great pets, but they are really not the appropriate pet for everyone, as they can be loud and require much time and attention. Sun conures are beautiful though. Hopefully someday in the future their beauty will be treasured as it should ultimately be, in the wild.

Watching the video I wonder what my sun conure Goldie’s ancestors went though on their journey to becoming pets. I dream of someday going to Guyana and seeing some of her ancestors in the wild. While Goldie can never go back to the wild she is loved, but I do see the raw rainforest wild in her at times. She will yell, bite, and demand in the same way that her regal ancestors do.

People when they see a sun conure always remark on the beauty and the bright colors. I like many were enticed by that beauty. The sun conure beauty though cannot ever truly be possessed, but is something to be in awe of as one of nature’s miracles.

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