Are you a crazy bird lady?

Does loving Goldie the sun conure make me a crazy bird lady?

Having just seen the movie “Jack and Jill,” I was struck by the subtle stereotype in the movie of the crazy bird lady. A crazy bird lady is maybe homely, somewhat anti-social, and single. In the movie, Jill who is single, homely, and behaves oddly, has a cockatoo that is her best friend. She sleeps with the bird and takes it everywhere with her. The bird of course echoes her owners own peculiar behavior too. I myself have birds but don’t consider myself a crazy bird lady, and I don’t think most bird owners fit that stereotype either.

Not long ago also, I saw a popular television show where a character stated that they didn’t want be one of those people to get a parrot in lieu of having a kid-hinting yet again that people that have parrots don’t fit standard social norms. These stereotypes are utilized oftentimes for dramatic effect and to add a dimension to a character, but are not really accurate.

I see many bird owners that are male, that are happily married, have kids, and that are by no means anti-social or strange. In fact having a parrot in my opinion equips a person to be a patient, insightful, dedicated, and overall loving person.

Also noticed is the relationship of parrots and chocolate. In the movie “Rio,” Blu the macaw loved having hot chocolate as a treat and in the movie “Jack and Jill” Bootsy the cockatoo could not help but jump into a large chocolate fondue. Anyone that knows anything about birds knows that chocolate is bad-toxic-and potentially lethal to parrots. Perhaps the relationship between the parrots and the chocolate signifies something exotic, something foreign, I don’t know.

I myself, while by no means am a 10, I am happy with my appearance, am fit, and have a balanced life full of friends and activities. I just so happen to love birds and parrots as well as other animals. If that makes me a crazy bird lady then so be it. Why not see a beautiful Angelina Jolie or fabulous Brad Pitt with a parrot instead for a change? Now I can relate to that.

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