Bird Clubs are not just for bird breeders

Bird Clubs are a pet bird educational resourceBird Clubs are a great way to learn about pet birds and parrots and make new friends that are interested in parrots and birds also. What is a bird club and what can it offer me you ask?

All over the country there are bird clubs and are not just for bird breeders. There are even species specific bird clubs like for example a canary club. There may be one in your area. To see an excellent list of bird clubs go to Leach Grain & Milling.

Goldie’s owner regularly attends the Orange County Bird Breeders. At the club they have monthly speakers that offer great educational information and real world experience. There are also refreshment and lots of interesting people that are interested in birds as well. You can learn about species specific diet, bird safety, and parrot behavior as well.

Monthly the Orange County Bird Breeders has a raffle. You can buy raffle tickets or donate bird related items in exchange for raffle tickets. Winners can win bird food, cages, birds, toys, and many other bird related items. Goldie’s owner has won bird food, toys, books, and perches at the raffle; most of the time just by donating unused bird items.

Bird clubs are also a great way to see and learn about different species of birds and learn which is right for you and your lifestyle, even if it is not a Sun Conure. Recently I have seen canaries, Gouldian Finches, a Golden Conure, and an Indian Ringneck Parakeet among others.

Overall bird clubs are not just for breeders, but an excellent resource for pet bird owners and potential owners as well. Research which breed is for you, meet breeders, learn about pet birds, and make new friends at a bird club.

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