Dating when you have a parrot

It’s not always easy being single. It is especially not easy being single and loving birds. Some men think it’s weird to have an interest in parrots. Some men think it’s cute at first, but are not comfortable with birds and don’t understand them or why you might be interested in them at all. Dating when you have a parrot that you love can be complicated.

A man that you date wonders why you have so many bird pictures. He wonders why you have so many male friends with the last name of conure. Just where do you go one Saturday night a month? To a bird club meeting no less. They can’t completely understand why you can’t invite them in after a date because you will wake up the parrot and ultimately the whole neighborhood.

I have pictured in my mind where I might put the bird cage in the house of a man that I might be dating. I have wondered if my birds would like a certain man too. What would they think when they hear my sun conure yelling at the top of her lungs?

Spoiled sun conureIt’s hard to fit a man into your life, but try fitting a man into your life with a spoiled sun conure. Is it possible to really love a man that does not like your birds or vice versa? I have read of people giving up their parrots because of a significant other or because of adjustment problems when moving in together.

While the percentage of the population that has birds as pets is growing, there is still a large portion that does not understand them and why they might be pets. A manly man might have a hard time dealing with a pet cat much less and screaming parrot. After all parrots are exotic and bite, they are not domesticated pets. My sun conure however is treated partly like a pet and partly like a beloved child.

Whatever a man might think about my birds, they are a large part of my life and they will stay with me wherever I choose to go. I have in the past found men that have liked me for my body, for my personality, and for my intelligence. Now I would like a man that likes me for my birds because that’s what I adore. 


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