Goldie the sun conure: Reflections on 2011

Sun conure reflections on 2011As Goldie the sun conure heads into 2012, her owner reflects on subtle changes that have occurred throughout the prior year. Goldie is happier, better behaved, and so affectionate at the years end, but it has taken effort and insight.

Over the course of the year Goldie has become somewhat quieter. She does yell when her owner comes home still and at various times in the day, but the screaming is shorter in duration and is overall less frequent that in previous years.

There is also less biting than in previous years too. This is partly because preventative actions are taken all the time to prevent bites from happening in the first place. Actions and items that provoke Goldie to bite are all known for the most part and either Goldie is removed from the situation beforehand or we wait until Goldie is not around.

When Goldie does bite, it seems to be less angry as well. This could be partly attributed to overall improved disposition and good lifestyle habits such as plenty of sleep and a good diet.

Goldie’s overall good behavior has made hormonal behavior more noticeable however. Time seasonal changes and egg laying periods have become distinctly more obvious in her behavior. This does make it easier to take action that may be needed and understand what is going on.

Early in the year too it was noticed that Goldie would sometimes forget to say she has to poop and then she would have a poop accident. When she forgets, it may be that she is distracted or her owner is distracted. Goldie’s owner has generally helped prevent this problem by asking Goldie if she has to poop every once in a while, thereby cutting down accidents significantly. Additionally sometimes Goldie does fly to her poop place on her own as well.

Furthermore Goldie has become calmer, but still does becomes alarmed when she sees strange people or trucks. She likes to sit on her owner’s shoulder for long periods of time and loves to look out the window. Goldie also sits calmly while she listens to music, unless she is tapping or clicking to the rhythm of the music; and Goldie becomes completely engrossed in watching cartoons on Saturday morning.

Finally Goldie too has become more responsive to questions, nodding her head when asked if she wants more or answering when asked if she has to poop. Goldie’s body language is very predictable as well, making it easy to tell when she is tired, bored, hungry, or cranky.

As Goldie nears 9 years of age and begins a new year, her owner really wants to make an effort to provide even more fresh food and sprouts. Legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit provided frequently for the whole family is a goal not just for the birds but for the owner as well. It is difficult with a busy schedule, but by preparing in advance and freezing small quantities, that goal can be achieved.

Goldie and her owner wish love and understanding for all birds and their owners. Here is to more happiness for 2012 and for an even healthier new year for everyone.

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