Naming your sun conure

Naming your sun conureGoldie my sun conure had another name when she was for sale at the pet store at the tender age of 3 months. Some pet stores give the animals for sale names-it makes them seem more enticing to potential buyers. I can’t remember that name unfortunately. It was my mother that choose the name that my sun conure has now. We brainstormed for a long time before Goldie’s name was chosen. It was a really difficult task naming my sun conure.

Some people might think its silly wondering about a name for a parrot, but you have to remember that parrots can live a long time and that their name will be with them a long time as a result. Some parrots actually say their name too. Having and choosing a name helps them seem more like part of the family too. It’s part of the bonding process.

Many popular sun conure names are associated with the sun such as Sonny and Sunshine. Tropical fruit names are also common such as Mango and Kiwi. Then there are the people like names such as Jack, Frank, and Mindy even.

Goldie’s owner has been asked if it is better to name a parrot with an asexual name if you don’t know the sex of the bird. To have a gender neutral name may be better just in case you do find out the parrot is a boy when you thought it was a girl for instance, which is a common occurrence by the way.

Short active names fit sun conures too. Names such as Skippy, Sparky, and Cuddles are cute and fun. Food related names are appealing too; such as Peanut, Fruit Loop, Pumpkin, Pepper, Cookie, and Cheerio.

It is also not uncommon for people that have two birds to have related names for them such as my own Mickie and Minnie, the parrotlets. Celebrity type names like; Elvis, Paulie, Lucy, and Rocky are well-liked too.

It’s interesting the different ways that people choose names for their birds. Some people pick their own, some ask friends and relatives, and some even ask others on Facebook or Twitter.. There are even websites such as that have databases of different names that you can give your parrot.

What ever your bird’s name is, it is important to use it often so that they learn it. Goldie cannot say her name, but she does know it and responds to it easily. We knew fortunately when Goldie was purchased that she was a girl, and since she had so much yellow in her when she was little, the name Goldie seemed to fit her well.

Popular names for sun conures

1. Mango

2. Sonny or Sunny

3. Sunshine

4. Kiwi

6. Boo- Boo


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