Sun Conure love letter


Happy Valentine's DayTo my Dear Goldie:

It is true that I love you very much and I know that you love me. Your Sun Conure love for me is not unconditional though, as there are countless times when you are in a crabby mood and you decide to poke me. Or sometimes you don’t like what I am wearing and you decide to poke a hole in my new blouse.

I know that you love me however as you never cease to amaze me with that greeting sun conure yell as I walk in the door. Then there is the cozy place that you like to snuggle at the nook of my neck. Oftentimes you run your beak across my arm or cheek to show your affection as well.

No it is me that loves you unconditionally, as I dutifully sweep up the bits of food that you have flung on the floor daily, toss aside yet another shirt that has a hole in it punched out by you, and have silly toddler music on all day long merely for your entertainment.

You are opinionated and I love that about you. If you are grumpy you say so, if not in noise then by actions and by actions I mean poking or biting. You laugh when you see something you like and point and grunt when there is something that you want.

My favorite thing is to see the feathers on you head start to stand up when I say, “I love you”. Then is a little ‘woof’ noise that comes from you as if to say yes. I know that you are just a parrot, but through you I know there is something special in the world beyond just people- something magical and mysterious at the same time.

You make me laugh on a daily basis; as you are so silly. You are beautiful to look at and you are so soft. You are great company as you sit on my lap while I am watching television or when I am on the computer. I know that I will have you in my life for many years to come and for that I am grateful.


Goldie’s Owner

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