In Memorial Goldie 2003-2015


Goldie was a force of nature. She was silly, loud, loving, and loyal. She could be jealous, bossy, and stubborn too. Mostly what I will always remember about Goldie was that she was so loving. She would rub her beak across my cheek. If I said I love you to her she would make a kissing noise back. And she loved to be held. She would fit snug in my hand and fall asleep.

My mother bought her for me in 2003. Goldie loved my mother as well. Goldie did not like the cat and would poke me when I petted the cat. Goldie would call for me when the garage door opened and call out to me when I left. She wanted to be with me all of the time. She was my dearest friend. My dear little Goldie.

I wanted to grow old with her, but I worried what would happen to her if something happened to me. She had her own bank account that my mother had requested be set up for her. She was the first thing I thought of in the morning, what I came home every day, and what I thought of went I went to bed at night.

She knew she was loved. I know that. She was dearly loved. She was the best thing in my life. As I try to go on, I know she would not want me to cry. She would look at me with a look and bob her head forward to make me smile.

I remember when I would play Goldie the video after my mother died of my mother counting with Goldie. Goldie as soon as she heard my mom’s voice would bob her head excitedly. She loved music, she loved watching airplanes, she loved sitting in my lap while I watched tv. She was always either on my lap or on my shoulder or snuggled next to me. 

I will keep her Facebook page up and her website up- and Youtube videos, but I will post no longer. Both are filled with parts of her life that are so meaningful. Ultimately what I want people to know is that these little birds can and do offer so much love and meaning. A home once filled with music and cartoons has now gone silent. Goodbye my sweet love. I will miss you forever.

Love, Shelley

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