Sunny and Goldie


A few months before Goldie passed I happened to see a woman at the post office with a sun conure on her shoulder. We talked and I told her how I loved Goldie.

A few months after Goldie passed there was a Chihuahua running around my community. Several neighbors said they had tried to catch it. I decided to try. I went and got some turkey meat and chased the dog for what seemed like hours before I finally caught him.

My sister tried to convince me to keep the pup but I was just not committed after the recent loss of Goldie. I found a home for the dog with an older lady that said she wanted a small dog. After a month the lady wanted to give him back to me. He was probably just too active for her.

I decided to keep the dog and I named him Sunny. Sunny is an active dog. I walk him every day and take him to the local dog park. Mostly at the park Sunny loves to play ball.

Goldie’s favorite song was “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

Sunny just naturally loves to play ball and must have 30 balls at home scattered all over. Well at the dog park one of the few dogs that Sunny loves to play with is named Scruffy. That dog is owned by the same lady that I met a few months before Goldie passed.

In some ways in my heart, I feel that Goldie sent Sunny to me. Sunny forces me to walk-and boy do I walk. I will never forget my Goldie and have Sunny as a happy reminder of her.

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