Just over 11 years ago I found a baby sparrow that had fallen out of a nest and took it in. It just needed a bit of help as it probably fell out of a tree. I fed it for a few days and then it was ready to go out on its own again and I let it go. Since that time I had wanted a bird though. However I did not really know how to go about buying a bird or what to ask. At that time I liked to go to pet stores and liked to look at the parrots that they had there. My mother mentioned to me that maybe I should get a parrot after I told her about one that I saw at the pet store.  It was a green cheeked conure.

Right away I went to the pet store-a national pet store chain-and asked about the little green bird. They said I could not have it because it was not weened yet. I inquired whether or not I could put a hold on the bird until it was weened and again they said no. The manager then pointed to a sun conure and told me that I could have the sun conure  if I wanted. I hesitated as I remembered putting my finger in the cage upon which the sun conure promptly bit me.

The manager took the sun conure out of the locked cage and I looked her over. I thought about the money the bird would cost-$600. I only thought a minute and decided to go forward and get the sun conure.

Yea!!!! Well don’t get too happy yet. I did everything wrong. I did not educate myself about the care of a bird beforehand. If I had I would have talked to some breeders and read up on the care of sun conures. As it stood the pet store gave me just a sheet on how to take care of sun conures and that’s it. I am still educating myself about sun conures as they are complicated and intelligent creatures.

Luckily Goldie’s owner is patient, responsible, and loves her a great deal. However so many birds and parrots wind up in rescues, shelters, and are being rehomed because people do not realize that they are more than just pretty things. Hopefully learning about Goldie’s life will bring knowledge to potential parrot owners before making that life changing decision.

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