Goldie’s owner has 6 other birds all smaller than Goldie. Her owner thought about getting a cockatoo but thought better of it as Goldie is the main priority.

Two of the other birds are parrotlets. Goldie frankly is ambivalent about them. She really doesn’t care about them. She is not jealous of them nor is she interested in them. One of the parrotlets has expressed curiosity towards Goldie, but Goldie would have none of that and promptly lets the little parrotlet know to go away.

Goldie’s owner is a real estate broker and has a flexible schedule most of the time. As a result Goldie’s owner spends time during the day with her. Goldie has a regular schedule with breakfast and dinner around the same time everyday.

In the morning Goldie has her regular food and sometimes cereal and always a sip of orange juice. For dinner Goldie has her regular food plus some apple juice and maybe fruit and veggies.  At night when Goldie’s owner is home watching television Goldie snuggles and falls asleep on her owner’s stomach.

Goldie’s owner is patient and committed but sometimes admittedly it is not always easy. Take for instance when Goldie’s owner is getting dressed to go out for the night. Goldie somehow knows this and will start to yell while Goldie’s owner is in the bathroom. Thankfully she doesn’t always yell in the morning when her owner is getting dressed unless she hasn’t had her breakfast. 

This website was mainly started to provide a place to share pictures and videos of Goldie with family and friends. However Goldie’s owner has noticed a trend in advertising of rehoming of sun conures for various reasons, with the chief reason of rehoming being noise. These little birds are such characters and have so much love and personality, but yet as even Goldie’s owner will admit they are work. Information is key to preventing rehoming because without it frustration will likely occur leading to an unhappy parrot and owner.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or problems with your sun conure.

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