Goldie’s owner gets asked about different alternative resources that are helpful for sun conure owners. Follows are some great sources of information that offer some great and useful help.

ParrotBlogs  A resource directory for parrot information.

All About Parrots The joys of owning a parrot and advice on parrot care. Training advice for your sun conure. Great forum for parrot owner’s in general parrot forum lots of information on parrots medical information some great parrot food and toys World Parrot Trust forum for conure owners information about bird toys

Goldie’s owner also recommends bird clubs. Bird clubs are a great way to meet other parrot owners and get information on owning parrots.  This list is not a comprehensive list. Do a google search to find more local clubs in your area. Goldie’s owner belongs to and Long Beach Bird Club. Find an avian Veterinarian

 Search for a vet by zip code

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