A question about NOISE

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I was given a sun conure for my birthday last year because the person who gave him to me knew I *really* wanted a bird. I no longer have this bird (I say this with shame, as I hate to give up an animal), because I could absolutely not tolerate the noise. When I had him he would screech constantly if he was not with me, and screech intermitantly when he was. When he screetched on my shoulder, my hearing would be completely gone for a good four seconds following each screech.
I honestly can’t understand how anybody can handle keeping sun conures as pets. Sure, he was a wonderful bird (although very one-person), but nothing could have made up for that sound.

Getting off track, sorry…

My question is, are all conures like this?
I know that the sun conure is the loudest of the conures, but when other types are described as “quiet”, is that really meant to be read as “quiet… for a conure”?
I am aware all birds make noise, but there’s a difference between the type of noise that makes you try to sound proof the room the bird is in, and tip toe around the house so that the bird doesn’t hear you (and start screeching), compared to a bird that lets out a brief call or two every couple of hours and twitters or mumbles, you know?
Do they ALL have that high pitched screech, or are there types of conures that are lower-pitched or don’t have the screech sound at all? Do they all have about the same pitch and volume, and the only difference is the amount of time they exercise their lungs?

Originally posted Via Birdboard.com

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