Are female sun conures quieter than male sun conures?

Recently an article on expressed an opinion that in general female sun conures are quieter than male sun conures. I have to counter that opinion somewhat about female sun conures being quieter however. With my sun conure it depends on the time of day, time of year, and just so many other factors on whether she is quiet or not. Plus when she was younger-she’s 8 now-she was definitely not a quiet sun conure.

When I first got Goldie my sun conure she was loud, now I consider her to be quiet for a sun conure. That being said, there is not a day goes by when she is not loud for a while several times a day. By loud I mean calling which I can hear at the other side of the house and several doors down. I have family members too that think she is extremely loud and that can’t stand the noise.

Probably a combination of getting used to the noise, working with her on reduction of noise, and overall maturing has made for a more tolerable noise level. She still yells in the morning, yells when I come home, and yells just because though. She is a sun conure after all. Sun conures by nature yell at each other over long distances in the rain forest.

Goldie has her calling sound which is loud but not as irritating. She has her I want out of the cage sound which is more irritating and shrill. She has an alarm sound which is reserved for when she sees or hears something she doesn’t like. She is communicating to her flock mate which is me.  In the following video Goldie is calling to me from a long distance for example.


I personally don’t mind the noise. It adds life to the house, she loves me, and wants to know where I am; she is happy when I come home. It can be a sort of controlled chaos though when she is yelling and you are cooking dinner. I usually call out to her to let her know I am coming and to wait a bit and she can have her dinner too. Sometimes she quiets down a bit till I finish and let her out of her cage. Still she is like a 2-year-old that wants when she wants it regardless of what you are doing.

So while female sun conures can be somewhat quieter than the males, both can be loud. It’s important to know that for anyone thinking of getting a sun conure as noise level is the most frequent reason people rehome sun conures.

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